5 eccentric sexual positions that give you maximum pleasure

5 eccentric sexual positions that give you maximum pleasure

Has monotony already settled in the bedroom? Do all the gestures you make during sex seem to be xeroxed? Well, maybe then you should make a change, one that makes you want as much as you did in the beginning. In this article, we will present five of the most eccentric sexual positions. However, be careful when you put them into practice, as the risk of injury is quite high. However, nothing compares to the pleasures you will experience.
Butter Churner position

In translation, it means the position of the butter (wooden vessel used in rural areas for the preparation of butter). A position that is quite difficult to put into practice, especially for couples who are not in the happiest physical shape. Here’s how to put one together for use with your eccentric sexual position.

It will sit on its back, preferably on a hard surface such as the floor so that there are no bumps. He will sit on top of her so that his partner’s pelvis is between his legs. Very slowly, he leans over and asks her to lift her legs as high as possible. When penetrating, it will be supported on the shoulders and hands, with the legs slightly bent. His feet will be at the level of her head, and for penetration, the partner will lower himself, using his knees. It seems difficult, but with a little training you will succeed. The good news is that this position can help your partner reach vaginal orgasm.

Have you ever seen a crab go? Well, this position, seen from the side, brings a lot of crab walking. It’s not as difficult to implement as the one above, but it will force you both to use your back and hand muscles. Here’s what you have to do.

Both partners sit on their backs with their legs spread. He will grab her legs and pull them to her pelvis. At this point, the partner can start penetrating. Once he enters it, he will put his hands behind his back and lift his pelvis. She will remain in the same position, leaning on her forearms. For penetration, he will support himself in the palms, so that his pelvis is a little higher than hers. The movement will be done only from the pool. A fantastic position for deep penetration. Control is equally held by him and her.
The snow angel

Sounds like something out of a fairy tale. It can be, but from one for adults. This position is very similar to 69, the only difference being, in this case, the emphasis that falls on the stimulation by penetration but not on the oral one. Here’s what you need to do.


The partners will sit in position 69. He will be on top this time. Instead of holding her pelvis above her head for oral stimulation, she will move slightly forward so that her pelvis is close to her pubis for penetration. At the moment of penetration, she will sit on her back, with her legs wrapped around her partner’s abdomen and her hands on her bottom, and he will be leaning on his palms, with his head facing forward.
The woman on top with the medicine ball

For this position you will need a medicine ball, which you can find in any hypermarket or sporting goods store. Here’s what you have to do.

The ball will be placed in the middle of the room. The partner will sit on top of her, facing the opposite direction. It’s about the lotus position. Although it does not involve acrobatics and mobility as high as other positions on this list, it is quite difficult to practice, as you will need to coordinate your movements to compensate for the movement of the medicine ball. An excellent position for couples who prefer slow parties but can burn calories.



The waterfall is the ideal position for women who want to feel that they have full control over sexual intercourse. Here’s what to do about it. The partner will sit on the bed with his face up and his body suspended. Only the arms are allowed to touch the floor. During this time, she will sit on top of him, facing him, and take control of the situation.


Here are the hottest and, why not, eccentric sexual positions you can try right now in the bedroom. As usual, we advise you not to forget the prelude and not to get beaten up if things don’t go your way the way you want them to.