How girls should have proper oral sex with men

How girls should have proper oral sex with men

It stimulates other areas besides the head of the penis

From an anatomical point of view, the head of the penis is the best innervated place of the male reproductive system. However, you will need to keep in mind that it is not the only erogenous zone.

For example, the scrotum is also a place that can be stimulated with either the tip of the tongue or the fingertips. The perineum, the soft tissue that delimits the scrotal anus, is another erogenous zone. In order to give him a good match, we recommend that you alternate the stimulated areas.
Stimulation of the foreskin brake

The foreskin brake is the tissue that connects the foreskin to the glans. Known in popular terms as „thread”, it is extremely well innervated. If you want to give your boyfriend or husband an unforgettable night in the bedroom, it is advisable to stimulate him with fine touches.

To find the foreskin brake, take off your penis and look at the back. There you will see a thread-like fabric with a maximum length of one centimeter. For stimulation, you can use your tongue or fingers. Careful! The area is particularly sensitive to pressure, which means that the risk of injury is increased in case of carelessness.

As usual, our recommendation would be to ask him, without hesitation, what he likes and dislikes about oral sex. Also, if you feel uncomfortable with certain aspects of oral sex, then the best option would be to tell her this, to avoid complications or future frustrations.